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God, I've been bit crazy
I searched for Saria pics and before you know it, I've faved a great deal of them! XD
But what can I say?
She's just dang so cute!

Mweheheh I feel like doing another Saria picture...XD

Bad news...

Thu Aug 17, 2006, 4:54 PM
Bad news!

I'm going to Disneyland for the weekend(wait, why is it bad?)

Anyway, i won't be able to update with any new pictures for a while but I promise I'll come back with something neat to make-up for it!

Me no like DevArt's new setup but eh...I'll get used to it

Meanwhile, here's a new piccy!
Me no like DevArt's new setup but eh...I'll get used to it

Meanwhile, here's a new piccy!
I'm in Photo Imaging class this school year(Photography, simply) and I've been taking an awful lot of shots(some pretty good!)
I'll update with some of my photo shots when ever I can and some may be made into custom wallpapers as well!

Look for it!
You likey my "Teh Samus and Link?"
I knew it, it's so cute, funny, and true at the same time isn't it?

Anyway, you won't believe what happened today-we had a "Pigeon in house!" epidose
Don't worry he's out now, but in a way it was my fault to begin with.
I saw some pigeons in yard and thought I'd chase it out with my dog but she chased him inside!
I'm never doing another stupid thing ever again(well maybe)

Don't worry, we've disinfected the house
You're wondering why I've moved all those pictures to scraps?
Well, that since because I'm restarting with a fresh new start(plus while they might be bit cool, they're still bit bland...though...)
Oh right-wait for some more new deviations today!
I won't be around very much, for one reason-i'm been very restricted from the computer

We just got a scanner/printer today! Do you know what that means?
YES! that means I can finally submit some of my hand drawn pictures i've been doing lately, and more in the near future!
Wait for it!

Though, don't expect too much by tonight still...

Wait for it, and yes-no more artpad stuff!
Lately, at Nsiders at, there's been this Link/Zelda romance in TP crap
You can guess how I feel about this...

*Note, they're just scribbles-not my best
But they represent how I FEEL about this TP Link/Zelda romance crap

Me go kill Link……

clicky to end

Grr...romance is stupid, especially in TP where they pair up two people more suited to be friends into a couple
That sickens me-Link is better off with Malon-and it's even worse in movies
My own goddess character!(don't ask I'm bored)
Goddess of Earth
Hair: pale greenish-blonde-held in a free bun
Eyes: Pale blue
Skin: fair-lightly sunny
Dress: A long flowing gown, like a Roman goddess's style of dressing, always seen with lovely flowers in her hair, and gold elegant armbands and bracelets with tied sandals.
Personality: Very sweet, nature loving, gentle, heart of gold, loves animals and plants preferably, likes playing her harp or singing, is secluded from the outside world.
Powers: Erm…unknown really, but it's said she's very powerful and her powers are limitless but they may have something to do with the earth and plants.

Well, that was my best I could do
Oh yes-here's an artpad picture…
LiKE Holy...OMG!!!!
This has to be my best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it out please!…

OKAy...maybe it may not be the best ever to some-but I am sure proud of it!
It's thnks to a brilliant artist's inspiration here-Makani, I might say

By way, it's Ganny lion

Another one!
Hi Linky…

Ergh...I don't like how his right(left to your perspective) paw turned out...oh well...
I just moved my stories to scraps for two reasons
One, doesn't seems very popular
two, I'm never finishing it, capisce'?

Anyway, today-
I have updated my avatar
I drew two "Zelda wolf" pictures!
Too bad I can't upload them since the scanner is broke, aww...

Well, at least I can say what they were

One was a..."female" Link Wolf-I'm poking fun at how Nintendo never take the animal's gender anatomy seriously

And the other one was Saria as a wolf, cute!

Both were done in Prismacolor markers, I believe


I'm planning to do a Impa wolf and Tala wolf(my friend's character)
I made those in artpad, pretty hawt, no?

Link Wolf:…

Ebony, she's a character of mine:…

Clicky to skip to end

More Wolfie Link hawtness!……
(be patient, this one takes while to load)…
Randomness, don't ask
After seeing a glance of Spirit movie today at home, I realized how much I've almost forgotten that how much I used to love that movie...
Another SSBB character of my own...
I'm bored...and lazy as you can see...
Halo is (c) me!

Symbol: Pawprint
Type: A karate-champion golden wolf anthro, very cute and shy, attacks more physically but uses some sort of energy(magical) attacks too. She has a weird obsession for…being "friends" with Chex…Chex hates it…
Special appearance: A beam of bright golden light hits stage, briefly blinding other players and when it fades away, it shows Halo
Quote: no quote
Taunt stance: spins around
Winning Taunts:
1. Waves
2. Creates a golden light ball in her hands
3. Jumps around excitedly
Her costume varieties:
Main: A golden wolf with big blue eyes-heather gray jacket with white tee, double-belt(gray), short shorts(white) and white sneakers
1st: "Kate Hanna" Powers are blue-all white over with gray tips and ice blue eyes; clothing is various light blue
2nd: "Nami" Powers are green-black/white husky(tail difference)  green eyes; clothing various green
3rd: Midnight Wolf Powers are light orange, pitch black all over yellow eyes; clothing various orange
4th: Blue Vixen-Powers are dark blue, blue/white blended together, yellow eyes; clothing is various dark blue

Halo's Powers/Attacks:
A, A-punch, knee
A, A, A-punch, knee, forward strong punch
A(rapidly)-repeated kicking
> A- roundhouse kick
^ A- slap
v A- step
smash > A- spinning karate kick
smash ^ A- spinning upward punch
smash v A- low sweep kick
running- flying karate kick
In air:
> A-swing slap
< A-reverse kick
^ A-overhead slap
v A-downward stomp
Grab that guy!:
A-shock player
> A-hits player with a made up bat
< A-same as >A
^ A-throws player up, shoots a energy orb at him/her, sending him/her farther up
v A-throwdown, repeatedly shoots balls of light orbs down at him/her
The B!
B-hold B to charge up and blast a beam of light at the players(various affect status: freeze, flame, HURT, heal(oh no!), put to sleep, or confuse
> B-shoots shards of light like Sheik's Needle storm
^ B- Like Fox's B up move-light
v B-reflect with light shield
Screen darkens as she gathers up her power then sends out a massive shockwave
Strength: Normal
Speed: Fairly quick
Easy to hit off?: With her small size, possibly yes
Jump: Normal
I'm feeling better, but still...I wish someone would at least comment SOMETHING on my stories and more of my pictures, though...
Talon has not emailed me for two days

And I feel so one is interested in my characters(the SSBB note journal) or the stories...

*hum* Nothing special today
Just another day, another story

And I do wish someone would check out my characters' stats for this SSBB thing though, (if they were in the game, that is since they're pretty neat)