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Me no like DevArt's new setup but eh...I'll get used to it

Meanwhile, here's a new piccy!
Me no like DevArt's new setup but eh...I'll get used to it

Meanwhile, here's a new piccy!
I'm in Photo Imaging class this school year(Photography, simply) and I've been taking an awful lot of shots(some pretty good!)
I'll update with some of my photo shots when ever I can and some may be made into custom wallpapers as well!

Look for it!
You likey my "Teh Samus and Link?"
I knew it, it's so cute, funny, and true at the same time isn't it?

Anyway, you won't believe what happened today-we had a "Pigeon in house!" epidose
Don't worry he's out now, but in a way it was my fault to begin with.
I saw some pigeons in yard and thought I'd chase it out with my dog but she chased him inside!
I'm never doing another stupid thing ever again(well maybe)

Don't worry, we've disinfected the house
You're wondering why I've moved all those pictures to scraps?
Well, that since because I'm restarting with a fresh new start(plus while they might be bit cool, they're still bit bland...though...)
Oh right-wait for some more new deviations today!
I won't be around very much, for one reason-i'm been very restricted from the computer

We just got a scanner/printer today! Do you know what that means?
YES! that means I can finally submit some of my hand drawn pictures i've been doing lately, and more in the near future!
Wait for it!

Though, don't expect too much by tonight still...

Wait for it, and yes-no more artpad stuff!
Lately, at Nsiders at, there's been this Link/Zelda romance in TP crap
You can guess how I feel about this...

*Note, they're just scribbles-not my best
But they represent how I FEEL about this TP Link/Zelda romance crap

Me go kill Link……

clicky to end

Grr...romance is stupid, especially in TP where they pair up two people more suited to be friends into a couple
That sickens me-Link is better off with Malon-and it's even worse in movies
My own goddess character!(don't ask I'm bored)
Goddess of Earth
Hair: pale greenish-blonde-held in a free bun
Eyes: Pale blue
Skin: fair-lightly sunny
Dress: A long flowing gown, like a Roman goddess's style of dressing, always seen with lovely flowers in her hair, and gold elegant armbands and bracelets with tied sandals.
Personality: Very sweet, nature loving, gentle, heart of gold, loves animals and plants preferably, likes playing her harp or singing, is secluded from the outside world.
Powers: Erm…unknown really, but it's said she's very powerful and her powers are limitless but they may have something to do with the earth and plants.

Well, that was my best I could do
Oh yes-here's an artpad picture…
LiKE Holy...OMG!!!!
This has to be my best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it out please!…

OKAy...maybe it may not be the best ever to some-but I am sure proud of it!
It's thnks to a brilliant artist's inspiration here-Makani, I might say

By way, it's Ganny lion

Another one!
Hi Linky…

Ergh...I don't like how his right(left to your perspective) paw turned out...oh well...
I just moved my stories to scraps for two reasons
One, doesn't seems very popular
two, I'm never finishing it, capisce'?

Anyway, today-
I have updated my avatar
I drew two "Zelda wolf" pictures!
Too bad I can't upload them since the scanner is broke, aww...

Well, at least I can say what they were

One was a..."female" Link Wolf-I'm poking fun at how Nintendo never take the animal's gender anatomy seriously

And the other one was Saria as a wolf, cute!

Both were done in Prismacolor markers, I believe


I'm planning to do a Impa wolf and Tala wolf(my friend's character)
I made those in artpad, pretty hawt, no?

Link Wolf:…

Ebony, she's a character of mine:…

Clicky to skip to end

More Wolfie Link hawtness!……
(be patient, this one takes while to load)…
Randomness, don't ask
After seeing a glance of Spirit movie today at home, I realized how much I've almost forgotten that how much I used to love that movie...
Another SSBB character of my own...
I'm bored...and lazy as you can see...
Halo is (c) me!

Symbol: Pawprint
Type: A karate-champion golden wolf anthro, very cute and shy, attacks more physically but uses some sort of energy(magical) attacks too. She has a weird obsession for…being "friends" with Chex…Chex hates it…
Special appearance: A beam of bright golden light hits stage, briefly blinding other players and when it fades away, it shows Halo
Quote: no quote
Taunt stance: spins around
Winning Taunts:
1. Waves
2. Creates a golden light ball in her hands
3. Jumps around excitedly
Her costume varieties:
Main: A golden wolf with big blue eyes-heather gray jacket with white tee, double-belt(gray), short shorts(white) and white sneakers
1st: "Kate Hanna" Powers are blue-all white over with gray tips and ice blue eyes; clothing is various light blue
2nd: "Nami" Powers are green-black/white husky(tail difference)  green eyes; clothing various green
3rd: Midnight Wolf Powers are light orange, pitch black all over yellow eyes; clothing various orange
4th: Blue Vixen-Powers are dark blue, blue/white blended together, yellow eyes; clothing is various dark blue

Halo's Powers/Attacks:
A, A-punch, knee
A, A, A-punch, knee, forward strong punch
A(rapidly)-repeated kicking
> A- roundhouse kick
^ A- slap
v A- step
smash > A- spinning karate kick
smash ^ A- spinning upward punch
smash v A- low sweep kick
running- flying karate kick
In air:
> A-swing slap
< A-reverse kick
^ A-overhead slap
v A-downward stomp
Grab that guy!:
A-shock player
> A-hits player with a made up bat
< A-same as >A
^ A-throws player up, shoots a energy orb at him/her, sending him/her farther up
v A-throwdown, repeatedly shoots balls of light orbs down at him/her
The B!
B-hold B to charge up and blast a beam of light at the players(various affect status: freeze, flame, HURT, heal(oh no!), put to sleep, or confuse
> B-shoots shards of light like Sheik's Needle storm
^ B- Like Fox's B up move-light
v B-reflect with light shield
Screen darkens as she gathers up her power then sends out a massive shockwave
Strength: Normal
Speed: Fairly quick
Easy to hit off?: With her small size, possibly yes
Jump: Normal
I'm feeling better, but still...I wish someone would at least comment SOMETHING on my stories and more of my pictures, though...
Talon has not emailed me for two days

And I feel so one is interested in my characters(the SSBB note journal) or the stories...

*hum* Nothing special today
Just another day, another story

And I do wish someone would check out my characters' stats for this SSBB thing though, (if they were in the game, that is since they're pretty neat)
Yet Another Character of mine for the Super Smash Brawl…

Me again, I think Santh'd make a pretty good character along with Chex if they were ever to be in the game although I know that'll never happen but it's a cool thought. Anyway…

Symbol: A Pawprint logo
Type: A powerful black dragon anthro with a big body characterized like Ganondorf's He is a formidable opponent and very powerful in B moves
Special Appearance: A wall of orange flames(may be variable) appear across the stage and Santh steps through then lets out a mighty roar or might slam onto stage as he flies in
Quote: There is no quote
Taunt stance: He tucks in then spreads out, roaring
Winning Taunts: Three
1. Roars in your face
2. Breathes fire in air
3. Flies around and lands

His appearance varieties:
Main: All pitch black with glowing white eyes and is in faded tan pants only-flame is orange
1st: The Snowy Dragon or "Drake"-pure white with gray belly and sort of cartoony blue eyes, wears blue jeans with red shirt and a logo of black spade and black sunglasses. Fire-silver
2nd: Striped Red Fury- Deep red with darker mottled stripes across his arms and back, faded black pants, scarlet-orange glowing eyes, and fire-orange
3rd:  Blue Dragon- Deep Blue with darker mottled stripes, very dark blue pants and pale blue glowing eyes. Fire-ice blue
4th: The Golden Dragon- Shining golden all over, white glowing eyes, pale black pants. Fire-yellow-gold

Well, that's for this section-moving on!(again)

Santh's Powers/Attacks
Based off the Gamecube version too as well

A, A-punch, punch
A, A, A,-punch, punch, flip-slam
> A-kick
^ A- upward punch
v A- tail sweep
smash >A-headbutt
smash ^ A-upward headbutt(his horns hurt too)
smash v A- tail pound
Running: smash-flying tackle-with headbutt

In the air:
> A-elbow punch
smash >A-karate kick
< A- side swipe
smash < A- reverse karate kick
^ A-upward swipe
smash ^ A- upward headbutt(works like Chex's smash upward move)
v A-pound
v A- drill kick

Grab that guy!:
A- headbutt
>A- kick
< A- reverse kick
^ A- backflip kick then rocket-headbutts the opponent in midair
v A- pound, tail slam, split slam(in that order)

The B!:
Ground or air:
B- Hold to charge and he will unleash a fire wall
smash > B-charge attack(slams into opponent)
^ B- zooms upward then slowly hovers back down with his giant wings
v B- Hold B to charge and the results will be a tumbling earthquake across the stage(explodes any carriers on ground and sends the opponents flying upwards)

Special Attack:
B(?): As soon he grabs the powerup, he grows to an impressive and size and charges with a MEGA-FIREBREATH which, when unleashed fills the screen and WILL KO any opponents in area-even in a supposedly secluded area unless  they're wearing a Starman)

When he picks up a beam sword-he boasts a variety of dangerous strong combos

Hmm…he might be cool to play as but I'll stick with Chex

However, if Santh is in the white version-some moves are replaced with a red rock guitar
Ground: A, A, A-punch, punch, upward punch
v A- guitar trip
smash v A- guitar smash

Running: swings guitar

Grab: All moves similar except he finishes off with a guitar
v A-is guitar smash three times

B: B-hold B to charge his guitar for a homerun hit
^ B-Helicopter Guitar-spins his guitar around in air-getting him back onto stage safely
v B- Same thing, but u slam the guitar down instead

Taunt: Strums the guitar
Appearance: Spotlight moves onto him-there is applause
Quote: "Let's rock on"
Winning Taunts:
1. Strums guitar repeatedly
2. Plays guitar then slams it onto the ground "Whoo!"
3. Randomly dances around then slides onto the floor on his side "Yeah, baby!" <nods>

Special Attack:
He pulls his guitar out and sends out a massive shockwave

Oh I almost forgot to tell and failed to say-about their stats

Speed: Good
Jump: Very smooth
Attack: Fairly equally strong
Grab: Quick but weak
Easy to hit off?: Since she's lightweight as Link, it may be equally easy to kick her off

Santh/Drake(the white version):
Speed: Bit slow but not as Bowser
Jump: High
Attack: slighter stronger than normal
Grab: Strong grip but slow
Easy to hit off?: Not really-they are bit of heavy weights and are even HARDER to slam them off even when they're at their weakest(High percentage) since they can just easily as fly back onto the stage with their B moves(although Drake might not work out at times since he uses his guitar not his wings)

Chex Vixen, Drake, Santh, & sheet © me!
If I could put a character of mine in Super Smash Brawl…

Hey! This cartoonlion! After watching the video of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I got an idea...

I thought it'd be pretty neat if my character, Chex Vixen was on the playlist and I have written up a set of her powers and other such things. Don't expect a character sheet anytime soon since my scanner is broke...aww...

Also, if the game was unrated, there are some things Chex'd probably say(or do)

Anyway, here's my ideas(Actually-everything in this was sorta inspired by Snake-I've never played the game but he looks interesting-maybe because he looks like a bad boy and Chex's sort of a bad girl) Plus, didn't Wario do a rather obscene thing? And has the same obscene move?

Chex Vixen

Symbol: A Pawprint logo
Type: A gun-weilding, red fox vixen anthro who sure knows how to fight and back-talk always with a taunting smirk. Plays dirty...sort of obscene in her language but just mildly

If there was a special appearance like they had in first Super Smash brothers: Chex would leap from the sky and smirk/cocking a gun and say the following quote
Quote: "Bring it on, baby"
Unrated version: "Bring it on, bitch"
Taunt stance: shows off her guns(real guns, doy) and scares the players by shooting at their feet(hurts too-like Luigi's taunt)
Unrated Version: I bet everyone would uproariously laugh at this-Chex flips the finger at them(maybe they could censor it though?) +a cut scene+ pause and the players have shock or Huh?(depending on character) reactions on their faces
Winning Taunts (after the battle): Three
1. Waves around then shoots her gun at the TV screen
2. She laughs and says the following: "You suck!" or <shakes head> "You can't pwn the Chex, baby" Unrated version: "...bitch" laughs more
3. She pulls out two guns and jumps in air, hovering as she shoots down at the ground briefly then lands again

Her Costume Varieties:
(I'm not sure if they'll have that again in Super Smash Brawl but I'll give it a shot)

Main: A Black open cropped jacket with white tank top and an army green gun-ammo or whatever belt with faded blue capri-jeans-bare feet. Also wears a cool clear blue/black shades(that's sunglasses)

1st: Wears all complete white, shades are grey and so is the belt only bit darker. The tank top is very light grey too

2nd: Valentines anyone? Deep pink jacket,  red tank top, white capri-jeans, pale black belt, and light pink shades

3rd: I've got the Blues... DARK blue jacket, blue tank top, pale black belt, paler blue capri-jeans, and blue shades

4th: Matrix style... Wears a black suit sorta like Zero Suit Samus's, with blackelt and black shades and black ankle-length boots

Well, that's it for this section-moving on!

Chex's Powers/Attacks: All of her attacks are very stylishly accomplished-an art in movement

Since I haven't found out how the attacks and buttons will be used in the Revolution uhh...I mean Wii(hate the name) Super Smash Bros, the only thing I can do is to base it off the Gamecube version. But I'll give you an update when I find out!

On ground:


A, A-punch, across face punch

A, A, A-punch, across face punch, upward punch

A(rapidly)-Amazing quickness of repeated punches ended with a groin kick(if u smash attack on the last A) May be slow motion when that happens...OW!

> A-kick

^ A-upward kick

v A-trip kick

smash > A- Like Fox's but done three times in a row

smash ^ A- backflip kick

smash v A- slams opponent down with kick-grab(successful if very close and quick)

running-Heeya! drill kick-karate thing into opponent then foward flips out of way

In the air:

A-kick flip

> A- punch

smash > A- slam-punch(like Capt. Falcon's downward B move but without the flame)

^ A- punch(both hands)

smash ^ A-(need to be slightly off ground or whatever to get the full effect) rocket jump-punch with both hands

v A- jump down attack(or landing attack) with a downward punch

smash v A- slam down with both hand(in real life that could crush your head)

< A- karate kick

smash < A- even stronger karate kick-gets you to quite a distance

Grab that guy!:

A- 10-time repeated gun slap and repeated voice action randomness but they're supposed to be insults

> A- three time spin kick in on place-the last being the strongest then a gun blast which

sends Chex jumping a short distance backwards

^ A- Far by the coolest move yet!- She throws the player up in the air then punches, kick, kick again him/her upward(the last being strongest) then gun shoots him/her as she lands back down then as the player falls back(if he/she doesn't recover soon enough-yes, you can free from this or you're sudden dead) she leaps up and somersault kicks him/her to either side of the screen(no up or down) If you're in a enclosed area, you'll survive but be very weak(high in health percentage) This is far by her most impressive and strongest move but don't use it too much cause that will become weaker the more she uses it and there's the option of  trying to catch the player

v A- She throws the opponent down then jumps up and shoots down at him/her then comes down with a split kick

< A- spin kick backwards only it's done once

The B!

ground or air:

B-gun shoot-there are two varieties(watch closely as she pulls it out-if u let go of the button, she'll still hold it up but can lose it when hit or if you click the button once)

The police gun-worked like a machine gun: press the B button rapidly-not ONCE

The blaster(different from the other one)-HOLD B and it'll charge then press the B again to shoot(afterwards, she'll put it away)

smash > B- gut gun punch(it's PAINFUL) and quite strong-may leave the opponent in a pause of pain for a brief period(if that can happen)

^ B- gun blast jump-helpful to get back on the stage-if an player is directly below, he/she will get hurt and if they're in air together, that guy is sure to fall to his/her doom

v B- side somersault(five times) shooting gun blasts as she moves then leaps in air-shooting(embarassing when she's interuppted at this point)

I also noticed there was a power-up in the video I watched-is that right?

If there's indeed a power-up then her special attack would have to be

B(?)- Is charged up, eyes glow and she takes out mega blaster and charges them to their full power sending a wave of blast against the players in area-sends them flying
Powerful too


When she picks up a beam sword-she's holding two at once! Impressive combo of moves

BOY, wouldn't she quite be a character!

I know it'll never happen but if she was in the game-I'd definately play as her!

Heck, I should be a game designer but I'll stay with cartoons

Boy again...wouldn't you want to play as her too?

*sigh* I wish it could happen...she would be very cool...

By way, did I miss something?

Chex Vixen & sheet (c) me!