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SG: Haunted House Reactions by cartoonlion
SG: Haunted House Reactions
Based off this post!…

Took me all day but I had such fun with this little redraw challenge

Hannah is just 100% done with this crap while Seiko is a frightened little sparrow

Koharu grunts-screams while Kareshi just yells 'OH!!' in a high voice

Kaida: *death grip* - Miyoko and Miko are those girls who shriek and giggle in haunted houses, they're there to have fun! not so much for Kaida though...
Blast from the Past OC: Chex by cartoonlion
Blast from the Past OC: Chex

Blast from past

I had a sudden desire to like…redraw one of my furry OCs I had when I was a young teen. She was a husky-vixen mix and pretty punk, lmao I was one of those kids ‘trying to draw edgy looking things’

(her name was Chex)

But I always had a fondness for her design, I guess!
Yucchan and Richan by cartoonlion
Yucchan and Richan

Drew funakounasoul OCs, Yucchan and Ri-chan! (Ri is the fox one) because I found the incentive art for her latest comic update so cute!

Speaking of which! Today is Free Comic Book day and this is a good time to boost my friend’s comic Raison d’Etre! free for iewing and reading to everyone!

It’s a fantasy story sent in modern times in Japan, focused on the stories and adventures of cool girls dealing with paranormal troubles while also their own personal one! It’s pretty neat and updates twice a week at present, so if you like fantasy and badass cute girls (and women), you should check it out!! Go on, go do it! You won’t regret it!
Gemsona: Tiger by cartoonlion
Gemsona: Tiger

I guess I made a gemsona? lmao. She’s based on the gem, Tiger’s Eye which is my favorite ever. But she’s just called ‘Tiger’ for short

She’s an acrobat/sword-eater running with a circus of some sort and her weapon is a khukuri which she grabs out of her gem on her neck. She also doesn’t talk much and only roars in ‘cat language’ haha.
SG: the Cute Furry Ones by cartoonlion
SG: the Cute Furry Ones
Decided to quickly doodle my SG pairs as their respective animals as a reference for some friends of mine :3

Kaida's a black fox, Miyoko's a bunny, Seiko's a Japanese bobtail, Hannah is a cat mutt, Koharu is a bear, and Kareshi is a Sika deer


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United States
Hello! I'm Cartoonlion but you can call me Cartoony for short

I'm the creator of the Second Generation comic series.

As you can probably tell my favorite things are ponies, dogs, drawing, and pretty girls. In that order.

I should note that I tend to fave and run most of time so don't take offense if I don't comment on it. It just means that it was too awesome for my words. I also always appreciate all the watches and comments!

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Do not trace/copy my work, claim my work as yours, or/and try to distribute/resell my work for money.

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OtakuDanny Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a question for you and it involves the Second Generation series: Are you thinking about getting Second Generation published as an actual manga? If so, then how will Kiyohiko react?
iza200117 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
May I have request plz
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Oww I miss your Samus x Zelda drawings :c your work is amazing :3
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your style is amazing n_n
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um..this girl did your drawings and did not tell you she made it a bases…
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Why's your pony art gone?
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What do you think about hunting?
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Did you quit making pony arts if so why
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Somebody has stolen your art:…

I think that it would be taken down quickly, if you would report it here ;)
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