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Activity… to check the examples and  prices!

Since I’ve cleared my queue, this is a good opportunity to say I’m fully open for commissions again! Albeit with prices raised.

Monochrome/Hue Sketch - $20 base - add $7 per chara and $9 for complex background/setting

Colored Sketchiness - $30 base - add $8 per chara, $10 for bg

Flat/solid colors - $40, add $10 per chara, $12 for bg

You must have paypal!

I’m usually open to a wide range of things but I do have a right to refuse a commission if I’m not sure about it or just uncomfortable with it

Contact me at cartoonlion on Deviantart/Furaffinity OR email me at to discuss details!

This time I’m only taking 2-3 at a time so that way it’s ensured things will be done bit more quickly than last time
Commission: Skydiving Stevonnie by cartoonlion
Commission: Skydiving Stevonnie
A commission prompt! The idea was simply not enough for a single picture so I had to make a short comic out of it!

(Disclaimer: I am NOT open for comic commissions)

Check link for examples!


Will do sfw and nsfw, most fandoms and OCs welcome!

MUST have paypal - must be at least 18+ years of age if you want a nsfw commission - I have a right to refuse a commission if the idea makes me uncomfortable!

Commission Options:

Monochrome sketch - limited color - $15, add $6 per character

Commission Prompts - you can give me up to 3 characters, a scenario/action you want me to draw them doing and I’ll go wild!

(please do keep said action/scenarios simplistic, those are meant to be done quickly)

Essentially a grab bag of sorts since I am given total freedom on these prompts so results can vary largely!

Prompts start from $25 to $35 depending on how many characters are involved

Want something more complex and detailed, bit more in your control?

I’m also offering full color pieces with possible complex backgrounds if requested. Those will cost from $55 and upwards depending on the complexity, plus $10 per character.

Contacting me

You can find me on deviantart or furaffinity (caution: nsfw) under the name cartoonlion where you can send me a private message!

I’m currently open for 5 available spots at the moment!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello! I'm Cartoonlion but you can call me Cartoony for short

I'm the creator of the Second Generation comic series.

As you can probably tell my favorite things are ponies, dogs, drawing, and pretty girls. In that order.

I should note that I tend to fave and run most of time so don't take offense if I don't comment on it. It just means that it was too awesome for my words. I also always appreciate all the watches and comments!

Commission Info &…?

Price sheet:…

Do not trace/copy my work, claim my work as yours, or/and try to distribute/resell my work for money.

Commissions Closed by SquirtleStamps

No Requests by SweetDuke

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